About this website

This website came about following a Friday night after-work team dinner. We had the usual polite inter-colleague chit-chat, which later evolved into solving all the world’s problems, as they tend to do.

One of those matters which turned into a lengthy discussion was related to a colleague’s three months old office chair which collapsed during the week. (Fortunately, nobody was hurt during the chair collapse). After some lengthy debate it was agreed that the finger of blame should be pointed at the Procurement Department for purchasing a poor quality chair as part of their recent cost cutting measures.

Following on from that discussion we discussed various other items at work and home that have died earlier than expected bringing us to the conclusion that things, in general, don’t last as long as they did in the past. Unless, of course, you are prepared to pay for the premium version.

The following day, Saturday, I was washing my car on the front lawn when I noticed my neighbour wrestling with his 12 month old lawn mower. He cursed a lot, but the mower still wouldn’t start.

That got me thinking about the discussion we had had the night before about poor quality. The seed of an idea for a website had just been planted.

Hi, I’m Jerry Clarke. Born, raised and lived my entire life in Virginia.

Staring down the barrel of impending retirement, I decided to actually do something with that idea seed that got planted. I have no idea where this website will end up, but ‘hey’ I can just run with it and see what happens.

Jerry Clarke
That’s me in the corner.

Wish me luck, and I hope you enjoy my website and find the answers you were looking for.

Best, Jerry Clarke

And, then there’s me, Ken Barclay. As well as being Jerry’s sidekick in howlonggoodfor.com, I do the techie side of things for the site, so I guess we can say that I’m the Webmaster.

For matters relating to content, you can contact Jerry via the contact form.

For everything else web related, you can contact me (also via the contact form), or at the address below.

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